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Winnipeg’s cheese purveyors combine a dedication to cheeses from Canada, with a love of those handcrafted in far away lands. Our carefully curated selection will blow your rind.

The Cheesemongers is an independent fromagerie in friendly Winnipeg. It is the result of our passion for the world’s most exceptional cheese and our commitment to bringing it to Manitoba. The cheeses we carry have a rich history. They are a labour of love, created by the dedicated farmers who believe in producing the highest quality milk; and the cheese makers, who pour their heart and soul into everything they mould.

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We have been members of the Cheesemongers Cheese of the Month Club for nearly three years now and we look forward to “cheese day” each and every month! We have so much fun digging in to the box, not knowing what fantastic cheeses await us. Our kids are grown, but they alway come home for “cheese day”. Sitting down with our cheese, accompaniment and wine, reading the fun and informative brochure that comes each month is one of our favourite family traditions!

Blair M.
We commissioned a cheese wheel cake for our wedding and it was outstanding! It’s now three years later and our friends and family are still talking about it.

Rahim and Kim H.
Our neighbours gave us a gift box from The Cheesemongers for our anniversary last year and it was hands down the best gift we received! It was filled with cheese, jams, olives, chocolate and some of the best Spanish charcuterie we’ve ever tasted. We’ve since given the gift to at least five other people and now that’s what all our friends and family expect from us - they’d be heavily disappointed if they received anything other than a Cheesemongers box!

Michelle G.
The service at the Cheesemongers counter is next level. Whenever I need to unwind and get to my happy place, I wander in and am immediately transported back to my wanderlust years in Europe. Although I’ve seen larger selections at other places, no one else carries these types of cheeses. They specialize in the beautiful, artisanal stuff I’ve not seen anywhere else outside of France or Quebec.

Kathleen G.
My kids won’t eat cheese from anywhere else. Full Stop.

Nathan F.
We had The Cheesemongers set up and serve a cheese board for our office’s grand opening. The service was impeccable and the mongers were engaging and knowledgable. And the cheese! Well…we all still dream about that cheese.

James P.
Browsing the shelves at The Cheesemongers for unique products is my favourite pastime. There are so many products I never thought I’d see in Winnipeg and here they are!

Frederica G.